About Urban Village Designs LLC

Woman-owned and mostly run, Urban Village Designs LLC is a for-benefit landscaping company inspired by the idea that sustainable and regenerative culture can and should exist in the urban environment. The need for this shift is especially apparent in landscaping. We see the interconnected and complex relationships between healthy communities, thriving ecosystems and equitable economies. Our approach integrates sustainable landscaping, whole systems design, urban farming, conservation efforts, nature play and community relationships.

We offer comprehensive opportunities to help you develop a sustainable landscape, while supporting your ever-evolving relationship with the land. Whether we are installing a rain garden with native plant species, teaching you how to properly care for your flock, pruning your fruit trees, or creating a maintenance plan, there is a wide range of possibilities as to how we can help you manage your land, as well as improve your life and community.


Keeping it local is important to us. The services we provide support the talents of our community partners who share similar values and visions for a healthier world. We also work to reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as avoid plastics as often as possible. We never use chemical sprays, and prioritize native plant species to support local ecology over ornamental varieties. You can read more about our values and practices here.  As you'll see, our landscapes often feel like bringing the forest right to your door step, with a unique and artistic touch. 

We look forward to working with you. 


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Licensed, bonded and insured. License #100055

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"We have never worked with a company exhibiting the diligence, integrity and communication skills of UVD, and we’ve worked with many, in several states. They were transparent and up-front about costs and timelines, and the likelihood of divergence (and its potential cost/benefit) from those things. In sum, they are the very definition of professionalism. Personally, I’ve never met more likable, personable, trustworthy people - we gave them free rein of our property, inside and out. Last, but not least, we felt like their pricing was fair and reasonable. Anyone in need of a highly professional, reasonable, talented landscape company with a focus on creating beneficial habitat for birds and pollinators could do no better than to utilize this dynamic young company. They're a class act in every sense of the word."

-Chris Hightower