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The UVD landscaping design is different from your typical landscaping design.

Clients choose our designs as we offer a final product that prioritizes opportunities to increase the client’s understanding of ecological landscaping, while providing clear avenues for installation and care.


We Include You

Multiple meetings on site that include one-on-ones with the client and group meetings with the UVD team. Other meetings may be included that work community members, children and animals into the site design process if applicable.

Material List

We offer plant and material lists along with resources to find them, often including repurposed options for greater sustainability and affordability. 

Hand Drawn Design

Final hand drawn design, with additional drawings from staff to provide insight, ideas and inspiration around the design process.

Flexible Installation

 Clients can try their hand at DIY if that is their goal, and will also receive information on how UVD can support installation processes- as little or as much as the client wants. We're open to slow installations that work with the client's budget over time

Plant Recommendations

Plant list with unique information regarding the species and location recommendations with our community partners for plant purchases.


Specific information related to the client’s property regarding a wide range of topics such as permaculture and ecological design, food production, pollinators, medicinal plants, livestock, water catchment, beneficial insects, child approved nature play, and more!


While our main goal was to create a hospitable environment for birds and bugs, aesthetics and privacy were also extremely important to us. Drake and Lucas and their team wrought an absolutely magical transformation of an urban wasteland into a rich and fascinating environment. Their design was both beautiful and extremely sophisticated in terms of creating healthy habitat. They are passionate and extremely knowledgable about biodiversity, habitat restoration, permaculture, and native plants. It’s unusual to have that sort of scientific/technical expertise combined with great design talent.

-Chris H.

"Drake Carnahan and crew are an inspiration to work with! She has a great sense of design and knows when to check in with the client to make sure she's on the right track. It's great to work with someone who understands sustainable landscaping and maintenance for urban and rural settings."

-Denissia W.


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