Nature-Inspired, Sustainably Focused  

Let us help you with your next project.

With years of experience, a strong local network of knowledgeable experts, and an ever-growing community, we have what you need to complete your sustainability related projects. We are here to determine what's feasible for your budget, and will work with you to provide clear pathways for your home and business designs.


We provide you with options.

Whether you want an initial design, maintenance or resources to get the job done, we're here to manage the details. 


Project Support Opportunities

  • Landscape Design and Installation: Our designs focus on native, medicinal and edible planting, while enhancing habitat, beauty and function for the humans and more-than-human beings that share a space. Whole systems is our jam: rain gardens, water catchment, vertical gardens and more! We also love weaving in nature play and considering greater community well-being in our work- which means your design will be truly one of a kind. 

  • General Maintenance: We'll pull the weeds, refresh your mulch or compost, and prune where it's needed. We no longer offer mowing and edging, but can connect you with our partner company to get the job done.

  • Urban Farming: Urban landscapes can include functional farms to create profit and benefit to the local community. We're here to integrate it. 

  • Animal Husbandry: Education, care and even maintenance covering urban farm animals, bees and other beneficial insects. All part of a healthy, vibrant ecosystem. 

  • Sustainable Lifestyles: Let's talk about how living sustainably fits into your life and community.


If there is anything you are interested in trying out, let us know. We have a wide spread knowledge base to help you navigate DIY projects, or can help to connect you with someone within our amazing network of sustainable designers, educators and companies we love working with. Let us help you advance your space toward greater innovative and regenerative design.

Supporting local, always. 


If we don't have the ability to personally complete your project, we connect you to the partners we trust. Urban Village Designs prizes our community partnerships and aims to empower our local economy. We offer referrals and contracting opportunities to those who share regenerative environmental, social and economic values.

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