Welcome to Urban Village Designs LLC!

Welcome to Urban Village Designs LLC.

After some recent rebranding, our LLC is now Urban Village Designs. This is our for-benefit company, meaning we give many of our profits back to community organizations with similar values and missions. We offer personalized, sustainable landscape and lifestyle design, installation, maintenance and coaching.

The type of support we offer includes landscape design, installation, maintenance and coaching. Along with this, we love supporting the development of native ecosystems, urban farming, animal husbandry and sustainable lifestyles as it relates to your home, family and neighborhoods.

Every person and home we work with is unique, and so are our offerings. This allows us to make sure clients are able to ask the questions and get the feedback they need to make conscious, sustainable decisions about their yards and lives.

While we do some of the traditional, like mow, edge and blow, we're also big proponents of creative, sustainable and unique natural spaces. We're all about doing away with or adjusting lawns to replace them with diversity. We can talk native plant species versus ornamental shrubs, water conservation techniques, no till methods, and what it really entails to have a low maintenance yard.

Of course, we’ll meet you where you are if you want some of these things. Sustainable lifestyle change is a process.

While we’re at it, let’s explore your needs, wants, knowledge, budget and time. We’ll also talk about how your neighbors, roommates, partner, kids and animals fit into the picture. And let’s not forget the birds, bees and insects- we got those covered too. We see things holistically, and we're here to help you to do the same.

Thanks for being here. We are currently looking for writers, podcast support and board members for The Urban Villager. If you're interested in support content or organizational development, please get in touch.

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