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Updated: Feb 22

After joyously frolicking amongst a newly formed landscape, our UVD pups Sherpa and Juniper take a break to soak in the rays.

Clear skies and a bit of a freeze grace our Portland metro landscapes this week- both a reminder that we're still in the middle of winter, but also teasing us with the prospects of spring in the not so distant future.

It's a great time to start working on this year's naturescaping endeavors. If you didn't get to cover-cropping your gardens this past fall, now is a great time to do so; we recommend a basic red clover for it's nitrogen fixing abilities + ability to attract beneficial insects, but there are a lot of great options out there. If you're in need of seed, Symbiop Garden Shop has a great bulk selection!

This is also a great time to put in your native plant orders. There's still time to order from Sparrowhawk Native Plants. You can also check out the availability at one of our favorites, Sauvie Island Natives. If you haven't been there yet, you're in for a serious treat!

We have been busy busy this winter with landscape designs and breaking ground on installations. We've also been pushing our growth edges and learning the in and outs of running a sustainable business, while working to meet the large demand for landscapes that holistically support both people and ecosystems. As you'll see below, we're making some big changes. Thank you to our wonderful clients who have been supporting UVD's growth this past year and for your dedication to healthier landscapes!

ISO New Landscaping Leads!

Due to the increasing demand for our services, Urban Village Designs is now hiring two new Landscaping Leads. If you know of any qualified candidates who are passionate about ecological landscaping, please send them our way! You can read more about the positions here.

Landscaping: Potential Delays end of March and April

Our lead landscaper, Drake, will be out due to a very needed surgery for some weeks from March 25th and into at least mid April. While we're looking ahead and doing our best to prepare and make plans around this, certain types of estimates, designs and installations during this time will be postponed until Drake recovers. Through those dates, please send maintenance and other general inquiries to Kelsey (admin@urbanvillagedesigns.com) or Lucas for hardscaping and installation projects (lucas@urbanvillagedesigns.com). We thank our community for your patience as we navigate these health issues and are looking forward to moving through the spring and entering summer with a healthy Drake and our new additional lead landscapers!

Garden and Nursery Development at the BTV

Sitting on 2/3 acre in Milwaukie, Oregon, the Big Tiny Village is our both our community household and the HQ for Urban Village Designs. This month our team will begin redesigning the garden space and preparing for our backyard nursery. As we aim to keep things as local as possible, nothing is more local than where we live! Stay tuned for native, edible and medicinal annuals and perennials. You can also look forward to beneficial insects, pollinators, Pekin/Ancona fertilized duck eggs for hatching, mycelium focused products and more!

All of this work will also move us closer to holding workshops on site to help support community learning around sustainable and regenerative landscapes. We're looking forward to providing you with these resources.

Follow us, Reviews and Feedback

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for ecological inspiration and to stay up-to-date with our projects!

Have you been working with us and enjoyed your experience? Please leave a review on Google or Facebook! We love hearing what we're doing right, and hope to share this feedback with others as we continue to grow our team and community. As we're also in midst of many changes, training and developing more streamlined systems, we also greatly appreciate your constructive feedback. Send your thoughts via email to admin@urbanvillagedesigns.com!


Our availability is filling up quickly. If you're interested in any work this Spring, be sure to reach out soon to get on our calendar. <3

"We will continue to create a new world- seed by seed, person by person, community by community- until this planet is embraced in a circle of resurgent life and resurgent love." -Vandana Shiva

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