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While we are no longer actively hiring, we invite you to apply to be a Land Steward if you feel you have the passion, experience and knowledge to bring increased value to our ever-growing company. As we look to promote from within, the below outlines steps to join our team and potentially find yourself an opportunity for long-term professional growth with our team.

Land Steward

Position Details:

This position grows as you grow. The below percentages reflect the initial anticipated workload and will be adjusted depending on the candidate’s experience, skills and interests. Additional leadership, design, project management and remote opportunities will be granted DOE and proven ability. 


Land Care: 80%

  • Weed, prune, mow, remove noxious and general debris; tidy surfaces

  • Assess site needs and remain attentive to changes

  • Communicate site information and changes with our clients, maintenance manager and administrative support

  • Provide feedback, suggestions, and resources to improve ecological considerations for a site

  • Take instruction from project leads and work as part of a crew or independently

  • Move soil, compost, mulch, logs, plants and stones (may need to lift up to 50 lbs or more on occasion)

  • Build and shape planting beds; seed and plant as directed

  • Communicate with clients, leads and administrative support as questions arise

Daily Business Support: 20%

  • Driving between properties, tool pick-up and drop off

  • Log activities and hours daily in our workspace app, Notion

  • Communicate with team members via phone, text, and email often and thoroughly about site and client needs

  • Take and upload before and after photos

  • Text or email with clients to notify of schedule changes

  • Help maintain our office at EARTH Space PDX and HQ in Milwaukie, OR through tool management and grounds care

  • Attend and support with staff training and education 

  • Submit social media content

Additional Responsibilities, DOE: 

  • Meet with clients and perform consultations

  • Create accurate estimates and develop timelines

  • Manage details and work either independently or with a team to complete projects

  • Drive company truck and/or trailer and assist with material pick-ups

  • Support with social media and business development

About the Applicant:

  • Robust knowledge of ecological systems; in particular PNW Native flora and fauna (familiar with Backyard Habitat Certification), and regenerative food production

  • Self starter, independent and can stay on track without need for redirection

  • Strong time management skills and actively looks for ways to improve process and stack functions

  • Maintains a consistent schedule and uses working hours efficiently and responsibly

  • Contributes solution-based and whole-systems thinking to all interactions and projects

  • Has very strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Comfortable receiving constructive feedback and making adjustments to improve; shows applied understanding through following directions

  • Enjoys building meaningful relationships with colleagues, clients and community members

  • Flexible, easy-going and comfortable with change as needed

  • Asks timely and relevant questions as things come up; refrains from making uninformed assumptions when information is lacking

  • Showcases very strong attention to detail

  • Able to lead (leading with rather than over), teach, work and learn aside others comfortably, cooperatively and joyfully

  • Is a dedicated team player and cares about contributing to the company’s development and success

  • Passionate to be a lifelong learner regarding sustainable land care and integrated regenerative systems, as well as developing oneself in a holistic and civically engaged way

  • Background and life experiences inform a unique outlook


Preferred Experience, Skills and Availability:

  • 2+ years applied landscaping experience (residential, commercial, farming, volunteer)

  • 2+ years crew leading and/or group teaching experience

  • 2+ years customer service experience

  • Can quickly learn new software; UVD uses Notion to keep the team connected and Moasure to take site measurements.

  • Availability to work at least 3 consecutive days on-site, M-F, 18-25 hours/week (preferably Tuesday-Thursday, with potential for added day/hours). *Flexible hours and start times, especially on independent projects. End times vary and are usually reasonable, but sometimes may be needed to stay late to complete projects*

  • Additional remote and/or dedicated design or project management hours available as the applicant demonstrates relevant skill, knowledge and leadership

  • Current driver's license and working vehicle; truck or trailer abilities preferred

  • Sees themselves growing in this field for many years to come, and plans to be in the Portland area for at least the next 3 years

If interested:


Please send a detailed and impactful cover letter + resume to Include 3 professional references.

This position is $21-24/hr DOE. The hourly rate is determined based on field related experience, ability to lead and take on additional responsibilities, as well as available personal assets, including if you have your own truck, specialty tools and/or are licensed.


After a 60 day probabtional period, the hourly pay may increase with proven ability to handle responsibilities and contribute value to our growing company. After this period the employee may be offered a salaried position or seasonal/ hourly contract and will receive workers comp, paid time off (1 hour accrued per 30 hours of work, up to 40 per year for personal use and dedicated hours per year for volunteering in the community) as well as an IRA plan. Other benefits include:

  • Dynamic and meaningful work with a team that supports personal and professional growth, while contributing to ecological and community well-being

  • Unique paid/discounted training, certification, licensing and tools

  • Flexible scheduling when days off are communicated in advance

  • UVD library rental with access to many great books on sustainable and regenerative design, business development and more

  • Support with financial savings and management through our payroll system

UVD strives to acknowledge and incorporate a wide range of diverse perspectives, interests, ideas and passions into our work. We are active participants in social and environmental justice and are inclusive of all races, religions, genders, and abilities and will prioritize candidates that can bring a unique lens to our team.

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