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Soil Health Assessment

Soil is the basis of all terrestrial life. We can help you regenerate your soil's fertility & biological health. To grow nutritionally dense foods your soil needs balanced nutrition & good tilth for soil respiration. Soil is alive.

We use a combination of laboratory tests and on site analysis to create a baseline soil health report. From that we create a custom recipe of soil amendments to give your garden precisely the nutrients it needs. In the pacific northwest the abundant rain leaches many essential nutrients into the subsoil so it’s important to replenish those nutrients that feed your crops. Soil testing allows you to feed your soil adequately while avoiding over-fertilization.

We'll give you a clear & detailed explanation of the soil tests results & prescription for fertilization & cover cropping. We use organic fertilizers, biological inoculates & biostimulants to maximize photosynthesis & allow your plants to use their natural systemic resistance to pests and disease. Bacterica & fungi can bring elements from a mineral form into a plant available form in the rhizospere. We use prebiotic soil amendments to enhance the soil food web's ability to cycle carbon and feed your crops.

If you’re serious about growing delicious healthy food for yourself and your community, show your soil some love. Contact Patrick at to learn more!