Personalized options for your urban sustainability needs.

What makes us different? We'll not only do the work for you, but we also want to do it with you.

We are a company that offers one-of-a kind, dedicated design, installation and maintenance of your gardens. We also go above and beyond and are here to educate you through the process, keeping you included along the way.

  • Landscape and Lifestyle Design

  • Installation 

  • Coaching and Mentoring

We Offer:

  • Permaculture Design: Be included as little or as much as you like in the design process.

  • Urban Farming: Everything from the design to the business, we're here to support your development.

  • Garden Installation: Creating home and business gardens that meet you and your family's lifestyle

  • Animal Husbandry: Education, care and even maintenance on backyard bird and bees 

  • General Maintenance: We'll pull the weeds, refresh your mulch, and prune where its needed.

  • Sustainable Lifestyles: Let's talk about how living sustainably fits into your life. 

​​Starting with an ecological design process, together we explore options that work for your budget, lifestyle and even desired learning outcomes.

Whether it's vegetable gardens, food forests, vertical walls, bioswales, butterfly and rain gardens, ponds, chicken coops, bee hives, grey water or another system of interest, we're here to help you to develop a holistic approach to landscapes and living.

We are dedicated to practices that increase conservation efforts, biodiversity and urban sustainability. With this, we never use pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We believe ethical land stewardship must consider the reaching impacts of our actions and the long-term consequences on future generations of humans and more-than-human beings.

Book a consultation today to learn about what our design, installation and coaching services can do for you.