Herb Gardens

Are you interested in growing and utilizing medicinal, culinary, or ancestral herbs?


UVD now offers herb garden consultations to help clarify which herbs to grow and how to include them in your landscape. Some possible intentions for herb gardens could include support with immunity, anxiety, general first aid, children’s health, sleep, seasonal allergies, menstrual cycles, skincare, digestion, and ancestral connection.


Herb Spirals

Different herbs prefer different microclimates. Some structures, like an herb spiral, create well drained, dry and sunny conditions in addition to boggy, shaded areas and spaces in between. 

UVD can also help support the installation of these spirals! Growing from seeds and starts propagated from the forests, valleys and meadows of Cascadia support both local wild-plant tenders and the resiliency of our ecosystem. 

Herbal Medicine Making

One-on-one and group herbal medicine making workshops are available, for adults and children at least 3 years old. Learn when and how to harvest lemon balm for hot or cold infusions, make mullein syrup for lung care during fire season, extract skullcap into alcohol to help with sleep, infuse lavender into olive oil for a stress-relieving body oil, macerate calendula petals for a fresh-plant poultice and decoct ashwagandha root for energy resiliency.  Sometimes it only takes seeing it done once or having a conversation in the garden to initiate a new pattern of use.