Formerly maintenance, UVD offers Land Tending to clients interested in the sustainable cultivation and maintenance of ecological landscapes. 

Maintenance suggests keeping things as is or maintaining the status quo, “the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained.” We recognize the status quo isn’t always what’s best for nature, and thus in offering more holistic land care we challenge preconceived ideals for what landscapes should look like. We encourage evolving habitat through diverse planting and keeping things a little wild, while expressing artistry, balance and functionality in the landscape.

Pruning, Weeding and Noxious Weed Removal

We work to keep shrubs and small trees healthy, as well as ground cover beneficial. Let us leave what's beneficial for nature while removing ecological nuisances, or we can strike a balance to meet your aesthetic preferences. 

No synthetic or harmful pesticides, herbicides or fungicides

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy healthy wildlife = healthy humans = healthy ecosystems. Let's talk about mindful and holistic ways to care for your landscape. 

Leave the Leaves

Unless your leaves are allelopathic, we encourage clients to leave the leaves, as well as non invasive plant debris on site as we understand the importance these layers brings to healthy habitat. Of course, we'll removal the leaves from grass and at the client's request. 

Mulching and Composting

Locally sourced mulch and compost in bulk, and repurposing what we can from local arborists if you're happy to keep even more a'natural.

Eco- Friendly(er) Electric Tools

We recognize the idea of a truly eco-friendly tool a bit of a green washing ploy. Our electric tools do avoid fossil fuels and are quieter- which means better relationships with your neighbors and less of an assault on nature. 

Mow, Blow and Edging

We offer limited limited lawn care services for clients who have ecological landscaping needs + minimal grass sections that need care. We'll also support you in transitioning grass lawns into more eco-friendly alternatives. Offering mowing with push mowers for select yards. 

What Our Clients Say


The plants always look so much tidier after your team has been here and I’ve been really happy with the service.

Emery H.