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Crop Planning

Want to grow more food at home? We offer crop planning coaching for gardeners serious about improving their quality & yields. Our goal is to give you the foundational skills to perform the prep work yourself in seasons to come, giving you the autonomy to farm and garden to your heart’s content. 


We work with clients build crop plans that optimize their garden space & meet their culinary goals. We’ll produce an annual calendar that will lay out all the tasks necessary to produce abundant food; seeding, transplanting, intercropping, fertilizing, weeding pest control, irrigation management, season extension & cover cropping. Sequencing rotations of crop families is a key element to long term gardening success. Using season extension & storage crops can help you eat locally year round.


You can produce amazing yields in small gardens using biologically intensive notill & agroforestry techniques. We help you source seeds & plant varieties with locally adapted genetics suited to organic growing conditions. We help you find clean agricultural inputs from local sources. We want to help you clarify  the particulars of building personal food resilience.